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When treating an injury or maintaining your current level of health North Maple Chiropractic can help.  Everyone responds to care differently and to achieve the best outcomes often more than one form of treatment is necessary. Following an examination we will form a care plan together that best suits your needs and goals for treatment.


At North Maple we are proud to provide chiropractic care to treat both acute and chronic conditions.  Chiropractic adjustments help to alleviate pain and discomfort while correcting the underlying structural misalignment.

Soft Tissue Treatment

Stiff and sore muscles from activity can be treated in many ways. We offer cupping and dry needling services to help decrease pain and help with recovery time.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is typically the most difficult part of a healthcare plan to keep up.  However, without proper rehabilitation the chance of re-injury is significantly increased.  Each patient will be given the tools to properly continue their therapy following office care.


Treatments with ice, heat, and electrical stimulation not only aid in temporary relief of pain but can also decrease recovery time.  Timely and proper applications in office or at home are effective ways to get back to pain free activities.    


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