What to Expect

New Patients


New patient's can expect an initial exam that will include typical vital statistics and a thorough condition based exam. The results of the exam may require advanced testing or imaging.  Prior to any additional testing the procedure and cost will be discussed. Following your exam we will discuss your condition with you and develop a treatment plan. 





It's a complicated world and we are going to do our best to simplify.  We are in the process of adding insurance carriers. In the interim we have developed a competitive pay for service fee schedule.  Many of you have insurance and have worked hard to earn it. However, before looking for care because they accept your insurance make sure to understand your coverage and what you will be paying. It's important to us that your fees are clearly communicated and you are informed before making decisions about your care. If you have any question regarding coverage and fees please contact our office at 937-553-9625.


We currently have contracts with United Healthcare, UMR, Signature Wellness, Stratose, Health Allies, Access One Consumer Health, Healthlink, Cigna, and the American Specialty Health network .




Chiropractic Adjustments and Treatment


Once your care plan begins, a typical visit will consist of a short exam to assess the progress of your condition followed with treatment. The nature of your condition will help determine if therapeutic modalities such as ice, heat, or electrical stimulation are beneficial. Physical therapy is also available to help with recovery. Our approach to physical therapy is to teach you proper technique for you to complete these exercises on your own. Most require no special equipment and can be completed nearly anywhere in little time.

Soft Tissue Treatment


Massage therapy can used in conjunction with chiropractic care or as a stand alone treatment for many conditions. There are many forms of massage that include light touch to deep tissue your therapist will tailor a treatment routine that best fits your condition and needs. We are currently working with local massage therapists and can help you schedule your appointments and communicate your specific needs to them. Techniques such as dry needling and cupping can also reduce pain and aid in the healing process

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